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I believe that celebrating the small wins is just as important as, or more so than celebrating the big ones. Gradual and consistent attention and effort, are at the heart of true growth.


Without space it’s hard to allow for things to be noticed. If you’ve ever seen a crowded garden bed, with plants growing thickly, (we tend to see the whole) it requires focus to see everything that’s there. No matter how beautiful the flowers, we see first the garden, until we pause and pay attention to the detail. Slowing right down helps us see all the tiny parts of the picture in front of us.

But it’s more than just what you see. Clearing a space in the garden allows new plants to germinate, grow and blossom. The seeds are already there, we just need to create the room to allow for the growth. That’s what we do in our time together - create space for what’s already there and allow it to emerge.

I believe in a person centred approach that focuses on self-compassion. I utilise some of the theories of social constructivism and how we co-create relationships. Narrative practices also form a part of the work I do.

I use tools that are goal orientated BUT process directed - if the goal no longer serves you, we’ll alter the path. I take an approach that is collaborative and integrative, creating space for YOU to explore your world. This is at the centre of our work.

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d be happy to discuss any of these ideas with you.

Photo credit: Martin Widenka


“During my sessions with Joanna I am made to feel calm, confident and able to speak my truth. Not only is she caring and compassionate but her excellent perspective has gently guided me through some particularly tough professional and personal challenges in the past 12 months.”

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