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I find the beauty in the lived, the weathered, the mistakes and the triumphs.


I’m Joanna Henryks and I’m a coach, facilitator and management consultant. I’m originally from Sydney and have lived in regional, rural and remote areas including Bellingen, Armidale, Canberra, Melbourne and currently Alice Springs. I have an ongoing commitment to learning and am always extending myself through both professional and personal development. My formal qualifications include a PhD in Consumer Behaviour, an MBA (AGSM) and Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I’ve worked in the academic, corporate and non-profit sectors, as well as small business for a number of years and know all too well the challenges that people within those careers face.

I am especially passionate about supporting women to carve out space in their own lives, and to find their own way through the challenges they face.

My personal and career experiences have organically informed my choice to become a coach and consultant. Drawing from my business experiences, I began working with organisations as a consultant. This was a progression that happened quite naturally and one I’ve found to be thoroughly fulfilling. Making a difference to the way businesses operate, and being a part of supporting them to realise their vision is a role I have found to be incredibly rewarding.

I knew that my passion and skills were suited to a coaching role, working closely with people at various stages of their life and career, either exploring their challenges or helping them to look for something more – or both! Each client I work with – whether an individual or an organisation - presents me with new opportunities to support and engage with transformational change.   

Photo credit: Metta Young


“During my sessions with Joanna I am made to feel calm, confident and able to speak my truth. Not only is she caring and compassionate but her excellent perspective has gently guided me through some particularly tough professional and personal challenges in the past 12 months.”

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